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A Novel by Prue Leith
When Sex and Politics Collide, the Tabloids Have a Field Day

“Leith has crafted a delicious, must-read tale of deception that mixes sex, lies, and food like no other. Readers will want a second helping.”    — Booklist


“Prue Leith was not just born to cook...she was also born to write.”—Daily Mail

Prue Leith played a leading role in the revolution of Britain’s eating habits. Having published twelve highly acclaimed cookbooks and held theladle at her own gold standard bistro, she surrendered herself to her ownsecret passion: Culinary Fiction.


This is the first of three Prue Leith novels to inaugurate the Opus Culinary Fiction series. The mysterious juices of life intermingle with Leith’s characters’ creative harvests and subtle sauces.





Kate, a successful caterer to the posh Parliament crowd, inadvertently caters to the pleasures of Britain’s Secretary of State and uncovers her deepening understanding that each life must be a hybrid if it is to survive; substitutions must be part of the expectation; nothing is in season forever. Improvisation isn’t just an escape route; its labyrinthine route is the main highway. There is no one recipe—not even great sex—which will be news to many readers—that will keep a relationship fresh.


Married and a father, Oliver Stapler is totally out of bounds, yet Kate helplessly falls for one of the most public men in England. When someone alerts the gutter press, who cares whether Kate’s affair with Oliver is true or not? It’s a great story that will sell a ton of newspapers—and destroy several lives in the process.


“A three-way romance among food, those who prepare it, and those who eat it; descriptions of 'scratch' meals are as appealing as those of the gourmet dinners Kate creates. When she describes cooking as 'an act of love,' the true heart of the story is revealed."    — Publishers Weekly   


“A feel-good romance...a dramatic tale...Make a nice cup of tea and enjoy!” —The Times of London


“Those who enjoy romance and good food will find it an ideal novel to take on a holiday.” —Elizabeth Jane Howard


“Positively tearjerking…her descriptions of food are so mouthwatering I put on three pounds just reading it.” —Wendy Holden


336 pp • 5 ¼ X 8 ½ • US
ISBN: 978-1-62316-020-3
E-Book Editions Also Available  

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