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The Complete Screenplays with Selected Storyboards
Christopher Nolan



This behemoth of script and storyboards indelibly seals the dark, mythic expanse of the cinematic Batman for all time. Symposium featuring the three screen­writers -- Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer -- discussing the evolution of Batman and the creation of the films.













“A confidently original, engrossing interpretation, with a seriously thought through (but never self-serious) aesthetic point of view that announces, from the get-go, someone who knows what he’s doing is running the show, and he’s modestly unafraid to do something new.­” —Entertainment Weekly



“The haunting and visionary Dark Knight soars on the wings of untamed imagination.” —Rolling Stone

“The Dark Knight packs a wallop that hurts at every turn; I frankly can’t remember the last time I became so emotionally invested in a comic-book movie. Maybe never.” —Houston Chronicle


The Dark Knight Rises

“For once a melodrama with pulp origins convinces viewers that it can be the modern equivalent to Greek myths or a Jonathan Swift satire. TDKR is that big, that bitter—a film of grand ambitions and epic achievement. It may not top The Avengers at the worldwide box office, but it is a far, far better thing—maybe the best, most troubling, assured and enthralling of all the superhero movies. —Time

“Nolan’s a Wagner for the multiplex, fashioning his operatic eccentricities on the grandest possible scale…Nolan’s Batman trilogy represents a darkening vision that, with this film, earns its weight. It’s the genre’s “Twilight of the Gods.” —The Boston Globe


Christopher Nolan, writer and director, resides in Los Angeles.   



TRADE PAPER • $34.95
592 pp • 6 X 9 • US
ISBN: 978-1-62316-001-2
60 pages of storyboards
E-Book Editions Also Available

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Batman created by Bob Kane


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